Lecture Series on World Archaeology(1)

Date:2019-04-22    Times:

Title: The Iron Age in the Baikal region (3rd century BC-4th century AD)

Speaker: Kharinsky A.V.

About him:

Director of the Research Center for Archaeology, Paleoecology and Northeast Asian National Bioproductive Systems, Irkutsk State Research Technical University, Russia.

Professor Kharinsky is one of the influential Russian scholars in the field of archaeological research in Siberia. He has long been engaged in archaeological excavation and research in the Baikal area from the Bronze Age to the Mongolian and Yuan Dynasties. He is the academic leader of archaeological research in the early Iron Age and the Hun era in the region.

Time: 2019.04.24(Wednesday), 13:30-15:30

Place: The second lecture hall in Kuangyaming Building, Jilin University